Slovakia – little big country

In next couple of weeks or months I will do my best to add some articles about Slovakia best hikes, best places to visit in different types of mountains. From small once, where the peaks are about 1 500m (5 000 ft) hight to High Tatras. Highest peak in High Tatras is called Gerlachovsky stit (2 654m/ 8 707 ft) and it is highest peak of Slovakia.

All Slovakia mountains belongs to Carpathian mountains, which is range of mountains from central to east Europe. According Wikipedia it is second largest mountain range in Europe (1 500 km /932 mi) after Scandinavian Mountains, however only 17% of it is in Slovakia, biggest part is in Romania. Highest peak of this mountain ranges is already mentioned Gerlachovsky stit or in Slovak called Gerlach.

Slovakia mountains

In next few paragraphs I do my best to describe important mountains ranges, hiking regions within Slovakia. Most of the interesting region is in the central or north part of Slovakia. Starting from the west it is Mala Fatra, Velka Fatra, Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) and High Tatras (Vysoke Tatry), Slovak paradise (Slovensky raj). Lets go to more details:

Mala Fatra – is mountain range in north – west part of Slovakia with highest peak Velky Krivan (1 709 m/ 5 607 ft). Most of the summits in Mala Fatra are covered with meadows. Only few peaks are rocky.

Velka Fatra – is mountain range in central part of Slovakia with highest peak Ostredok (1 592m / 5 223 ft). All of the summits in Velka Fatra are covered with meadows.

Low Tatras – is mountain range in central part of Slovakia with highest peak Dumbier (2 042m / 6 699 ft). Low Tatras is a combination of meadows with some of the rocky mountains. Still most of the mountain range is covered with forest and meadows.

High Tatras – are situated in the north part of the central Slovakia on border with Poland. Highest peak is Gerlachovsky stit (2 654m/ 8 707 ft). From my point of view this is only one mountain in Slovakia for people who are looking for real challenges. In High Tatras you can find also highest peak of Poland – Rysy (2 499 m/8 199 ft).

Slovensky raj – is situated central east of Slovakia, close to High and Low Tatras. This is not a real mountain range from my point of view. Highest peak is only 1 270 m/ 4 166 ft called Ondrejisko. Slovensky raj is interesting because of its canyons, gorges and ravines.

In next articles I will describe my hikes within those mountains with detailed description of routes with lots of pictures. Besides the mountains Slovakia can offer lots of different sightseeing, castles, spas, ski resort and much more. Reason why to visit Slovakia you can find in “Why you should never visit Slovakia. Ever” or watch following video:

In case you would like to know something about Slovakia, please leave your comment and will get back to you as soon as possible, or publish an article about it.

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