Slovakia – Quick hike to Velky Choc

After a long and foggy week in office I need to go to the mountains during weekend. Friend of mine with his wife having birthday party Saturday afternoon. I would like to be on that party, so I need to go for quick hike. Good place where to go is Velky Choc. I haven’t been there for couple of years and hike shouldn’t take more than 5 hours (hopefully not more than 4). At the end I will spend more time driving than hiking, but there is no other option.

In order to be on the party on time, me Peter and Pavol are leaving Bratislava before 6 am. Close to Trencin we have to stop to pick up Jana and Ondrej. Shortly after half past eight we are at Valaska Dubova village, which is starting point. You can reach Velky Choc from 3 different directions, but this one is the shortest one. We met here with Fero, who come by bus from north of the Slovakia.

From the beginning is path really nice, not steep, but thanks to our tempo I am warmed up quickly. Village is covered by fog, but I am sure we will have sunny hike. After few minutes of walking we are next to shelter with water spring. We are not stopping, but from this point the path is getting steep. Everyone has own tempo so we are not going all together. At Stredna Polana, which is about in half way, we have a short break. Everyone has time to catch up. Brake is over and we continue towards Velky Choc.

Finally I feel coming Christmas. There is not a lot of snow, but everything is covered by snow. This is enough to make me happy. We are already above the clouds, sun is shining and snow is melting. I have crampons in my back pack, and it doesn’t make any sense to put them on. From time to time I need to walk thru deeper snow, next to the hiking path, because it is covered by ice. As a group we are split again. Janka and Ondrej are taking pictures of Low Fatra.

Summit of Veľký Choč is almost empty. There is only one couple, who start descending shortly after we have arrived. I probably make tham mad a little, because I have asked guy to take with him remaining part of cigarette. Anyway I really enjoy the views offered by Velky Choc. Low Tatras are covered by clouds but highest peaks Dumbier and Chopok are visible. West Tatras, called Rohace, are clearly visible. I love this part of Slovakia. More to the north you can see Babia Hora with white hat from the snow. Ski slope Kubinska Hola is covered by snow only in top half. Hopefully ski seasson will start soon. However most of time I am looking at northern part of Low Fatra. I have been there two weeks ago when I have ascend to Velky Rozsutec. Today it was easier hike and ascent to us 2,5 hours. After few minutes on the summit it is time to leave Velky Choc.

I hope descent will be quicker. It is shortly before 12 am and at 5 pm I have to be at the party. I am surprised how fast we are descending. Close to the summit is small part with rocks, where we have to be careful, but remaining part is nice path, where we descent really quickly. Fero in the second half of descent say bye to us. He needs to catch the bus. We are not that slow. Before the bus arrives we are at the village as well. It took us only 90 minutes to descent.

Traveling home was peace of a cake. There was not many cars on the highway. During the day I have spend more time driving my car than hiking, but I am happy with that. I really enjoyed quick ascent to Velky Choc a it helps me to charge my batteries for last working days in 2015. It was a great idea to go to Velky Choc. It allows me to be at the mountains and enjoy party in the city at the same day.

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