Southasia adventure: Borneo

We have come to Sukau just in time. In few minutes we are going for evening trip on the river. To see all the animals having dinner and getting ready for the night. Before we go for the evening cruise, we have just enough time to pay and put all our stuff in our hut. Because of the rain is cruise postponed by few minutes.

Small boat can take maximum 14 persons. We go against the flow and our experienced “captain” shows us a lot of animals. As guys out of Borneo we could hardly spot them. Most famous animals of the whole Borneo are Proboscis monkeys – they have super huge nose.

I have my glasses, but hardly can see some of the animals. I am really glad that our guide has green laser. It is very helpful to spot animals not just for me, but for others as well. We are able to see lots of different birds, macaques, proboscis. So far, no crocodiles or snakes. Anyway, is great experience for both of us. It took more than an hour.

When we get back dinner is ready. I am really picky about the food, but this one is really delicious. Later it gets dark and it is time for another trip to river. Most of us are wondering how captain want to spot any animals in the dark.

Again, we are putting live west on and getting into the boat. It is totally dark and jungle is not noisy any more. As we got out of the dock captain spot crocodile, I mean his eyes, on the other side of the river. Before we could get close to him, he disappeared. Captain had light to search for the animals. It was difficult to follow him. From time to time he stopped and show us some animal.

Most of the time it was some kind of bird, mainly fisherman. We also spotted few baby crocodiles, but no luck for big one. Again, we have spotted few monkeys with big noses. They live only here in Borneo. What a great experience. I do admire captain, for his ability to spot all kind of animals in the dark, and he was able to tell us a lot about them.

It is time to get back to the docks after second cruise. After the drinks it is time to go to bed. We stay in small huts in the middle of the jungle. Today we will skip shower, because water stinks much more than we do. In the room we had prepared repellent so we used a lot. In the morning they will wake us up around 5:30 am in order to make it for morning cruise.

Waking up in the morning is not a problem. Our group gets smaller, some of the people are lazy to wake up. They did a huge mistake. It is too early, but whole jungle is awake. Captain from other boat inform our, that somewhere is orangutan. As far as I am aware it is really special situation even for the local people. Orangutans do not usually live here. For us it is really cool experience. We see orangutans just few steps from us having a breakfast. In the evening we saw couple of orangutans nests. Of course, we did not spot them. Captain does. This morning we came back to that place, but we didn’t see any orangutans.

After the cruise we came back to the dock. Finally, it is breakfast time for us. Now it is time to pack our stuff and head back to Sandakhan. If everything goes according our plan, today we could spend night on turtle island. We found the place from which boats go to turtle island, but it is closed. In a while we have found out is due to the election. It is bank holiday on Borneo.

It is time for a discussion. We need to decide what are we going to do. Are we going to wait for trip or we are going to discover some other places? Decision is made and we are going to discover other places. On the way back, we stop in botanical Garden next to Sepilok. In couple of hotels we trying to book trip to turtle island, but without a success. We are going back to Kota Kinabalu and we will enjoy beach life and sea. Road trip back is almost endless. It is already after 10 pm when we get back to city where we started. In the hotel we come up with new “fight plan”, so we know wat are our next steps. It is simple plan. Few minutes by the boat it is national park, perfect for water activities. We are going to sunbathe and snorkeling.

Next morning, we heading to Jesselton point. Goal is to find as much information as possible. Today we will not be able to make it to the island. Half day trip doesn’t make sense. Tomorrow we will come much earlier a we will go for whole day trip. Today we will relax in hotel pool.

Another morning we start in the docks. With the first trip we go to Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. With us on the boat we have few people, who are going to diving. First, we stop at one island. It is good place for snorkeling and for divers for practicing. Shortly before the lunch we get back to the boat and going to other island for lunch. Second place of the day is small bay, where we can enjoy water and sea live.

We have enjoyed the day as much as we could. For the dinner we go to the city. By the hotel pool at the top of the building we have lovely drink with views to the island, where we were few hours ago. Tomorrow we are going to open air museum about live on the Borneo.

Few minutes of drive from the city is placed called Mari Mari. In English it means come come. I loved this museum, because it is live. Few actors show us how old way of living. Besides that, they let us taste old fashioned food and alcohol. It is really interesting to see how people used to live in near past. They also showed us traditional dances and musical instruments.

Rest of the day we spend in the city looking for a nice place for dinner. For us it is huge project. Both of us like traditional food. We don’t eat see food at all. For most “exotic” food we can eat is pizza and sushi. Hopefully you can imagine how desperate we are. Anyway, it is fun and we end up in sushi restaurant.

Last day on Borneo we are going back to national park. This time with bigger boat, some king of public transport. We will spend day on two different islands snorkeling or just lying on the beach. We are in exotic country with very hot weather so beach and sea are perfect place to be.

Next morning, we wake early to catch our flight to Kuala Lumpur, wait here for couple of hours and fly to Phuket in Thailand. We did not want to stop in Kuala Lumpur. None of us likes the cities, to we want to spend here as less time as possible. Some of you might not understand it, but I am sure some people will understand it as well. From our point of view, it was great decision 🙂

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