Southasia adventure: Phi Phi & Koh Tao

We spent only necessary time in Kuala Lumpur, and we have same plan for Phuket. From the airport we go directly to docks, where we want to catch last ship sailing to Phi Phi island. It was relatively easy ride with taxi, but I am sure we paid more than we should.

On the airport we took taxi to the docks. However, you need to be careful. Rasada pier is not working anymore and you need to go to the new port. English speaking guy, arranging the taxi for us. First, he wanted 2500 baths. I told him, I am not paying more than one thousand. Without any further discussion he took my offer. It was obvious that 1000 is too much for taxi to the port from the airport.

Interesting was, that taxi driver took us to old – not working port. There was only one guy who sold us tickets for ferry. It was impossible to discuss him about the price. He told us to wait in platform 1. We were bit surprised, because we knew the dock is not working. About 30 minutes later another car come to pick us up a took us to the correct port. I am sure they took nice provision.

We made it to the ship, so now we just need to relax and wait till we reach Phi Phi island. Journey took about 3 hours, but it seemed as whole day. It was good that we can get out of the cabin to get fresh air and see islands and sea. During the journey they played Titanic movie. I am glad we did not end the same way.

On Phi Phi island is lot of locals waiting for tourist to get out of ship. They want to offer us almost everything. Hotels, cab, trips, diving courses and so on. Luckily, we did not need anything and start looking for accommodation. We did book hotel in advance, because we did not know if we can catch the ship. At least we have few tips for good hotels. On the spot we just checked if it cheaper to book it via web or on the spot. Prices are almost the same.

Plan is to stay on Phi Phi for two nights. Tonight, we are going for short walk and look for nice place for dinner. Do we eat too much, don’t we? Of course, with the dinner we order some drink and desert. After all the food it is no energy or will to discover the island. We go for short walk on the beach and back to hotel.

Next morning, we looking for regular Thai long boat, which would take us to legendary Maya bay on next island and trip around smaller island. After dealing with local guys we have agreed on price 1200 baths for half day trip. While I am taking money out from my wallet, one of the guys look in my wallet and finds out that I have lot of money. They start to call me “too much”, because I quite often told him that asked price is too much.

Our first stop is legendary beach know from The Beach movie – Maya Bay. All the marketing of this beach is built on this movie. I am surprised. This place is not so crowded as I expected. Besides the beach we are able to go other side of the island, where is small view point. Finally, we do see snake during our trip in Asia.

From the beach we go back to long boat to the great place for snorkeling – Loh Samah bay. As soon as we get into the water, I realized how amazing this place it. Lots of different fishes come close to us and expect some food. Sea bottom is full of corals. It is pure pleasure to snorkel in here.

Our next and last stop is on north part of the island – Pileh Lagoon. Here we just swim and enjoy warm water a beauty of this place. Whole island is amazingly beautiful and has lot of to offer to the tourist. Unfortunately, we cannot spend more time here.

On the way back, we sail next to Viking cave. This is pure, stupid marketing. I am almost sure, that none of Vikings have been here. It is time to get back to the hotel. We need to avoid the sun for a while during the mid-day. Put tons of sun block and get visit other places.

Next half of the day we spent as real hikers, who are in love with mountains. We are going to visit all the viewpoints. They are not super height, but we want to “climb” them. I am only in my shorts, but ascent on millions of stairs is demanding. It is really hot and only few places offer shade. I do stop in every single one.

Close to the first view point, we have to pay 100 baths per person. This drives me mad, because you have to pay for everything. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. From lovely garden we have first views on the Phi Phi island. Still not on the top, so after short break we keep going.

Ascent in steep path is not fun in flip flops. With each step we are closer and closer to the summit. Last few meters we need to walk in super high steps. Some of them are almost high up to my knee. View from the top is worth of the hassle. Even better is from the terrace of the bar with cold drink in my hands.

So far, we have visited two view point of three. We are going to the third one as well. From my point of view, this one is less attractive then previous one. Again, we have to pay 40 baths, on the other side we got at least ice cream. Without the ice-cream it would be 20 baths. If the geocache would not be here, we would not know about this place.

In the evening we go to the city, pack our stuff and in the morning, we have to catch ship, which will take us to Krabi. We do our best to get the tickets to Koh Tao. It is not easy task. Finally, we manage it at last minute and we do not need to spend night in Krabi. First, we have to go across Thailand, then again with ship, which will take us to Koh Tao.

On island we will spend 3 nights. We found nice accommodation near beach and we have clear plan for next two days. First day we will rent scooter and we want to drive around the island to visit multiple beaches. This plan worked out and we have visited Aow Leuk and Tanote Bay. For lunch we are going back to hotel, to get some rest from the sun and after that we are going for next trip.

Unfortunately, in front of the hotel we have fallen from scooter. My wife is perfectly ok, but I do have hit my knee and elbow. It is bleeding a bit. After accident my wife don’t want to go for second trip anymore. I do understand why. This was my first time driving a scooter. Rest of the day we spend walking on the beach and looking for geocaches. What is more important we have managed to book boat trip around the island and mainly to Koh Nang Yuan islands. It is three islands connected by the beach.

We start with stop in Shark bay, where is lot of people from different boats snorkeling and looking for sharks. Without any luck. On our way around the Koh Tao we have several snorkeling stops and also good lunch. Both of us are picky about the food, but this one is really delicious. Or maybe we are hungry. 🙂

Our last stop are three islands. They drop us on the molo and we have to walk to one of the islands. It is possible to walk to second and third one. But we lay down on the beach under the umbrella and later go snorkeling again. Water is extremely warm. It is good to have flip flops, because sand is hot and in the water are small stones. With less people it would be great place, however it is too crowdy.

Next day we are leaving Koh Tao and by the boat and by the bus we get to the Bangkok. It took almost 10 hours. Once we get out of the bus, lots of taxi drivers want to give us a ride. We need to deal again. From 600 baths we get to the half price for the ride thru half of the city.

Our hotel is close to the airport so we can sleep in. At the airport we have plenty of time to buy souvenirs a say goodbye to Thailand.

Whole vacation was really amazing and both of us enjoyed it a lot. It was our very first trip to South east Asia. I am sure we will come back sooner or later. Only one thing we would change. We should have prepared bit better plan with less places to visit. Mostly we have spent only one night in the hotel moving. Maximum nights in one hotel was 3. Next time we will be smarter. But this is the price we had to pay to see as much as possible in two weeks. From Europe it is 11 hours flight to get here.

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