Spain highest mountains – ascent to hut under Teide

Morning in the camp was nice and quiet. Nobody else was in the camp during the night, so we can enjoy sound of the nature. During the day, we will see different types of country until we reach hut under the Teide. It will be amazing for sure. In the morning, we were hiking in forest roads. Sometimes we were able to see Teide volcano. In the forest, we were going up and down.

Sun was warmer and warmer and our bodies needed more and more water. However, water was a big issue. During the whole hike, we have found only one place, where we could get water – theoretically. Practically there was no water at all. So, we had to save water. Another issue we had to solve was sign saying that we cannot enter the path during Monday, Wednesday and Friday they are reducing mouflon population with the guns between 7:00 am to 2:00 pm. We have reached sign around 10:00 am. We didn`t have time to wait. Luckily there was nobody.

Shortly before eleven we get out of the woods. Gravel road changed to huge lava rock under our feet. Instead of trees we see only bushes. The country looks much more like desert. Another sign comes to our road. Do not enter because of dangerous bees. In this case we are not going to take any risk and going around as suggested. On the right side, we could see great Atlantic Ocean.

Finding a shade in this desert was real miracle. There is nowhere to hide. You need to find huge rock or some bush. Keep in mind sunscreen is your best friend. After a while we have leave the hiking path and reached gravel road. Yes, Spain builders can build roads almost anywhere. It was easy to walk on the road, but strong wind was giving us hard time. Sometimes it was harder to walk against the wind than climbing up.

Around 3:00 pm we have reached last crossroad. One direction goes to Montana Blanca summit other one to hut Refugion de Altavista. Hike to the hut took around 2 hours. Wind was stronger as we were gaining altitude. Every next step was harder and harder. As I used to say, everything is about your head. Finally, around 5 pm we have seen hut and time to solve another issue.

If you want to reach Teide summit, you have two options. You can ask for the permit to go up to the summit. Number of permits is limited of course. Or you will spend night in the hut, with limited number of beds to 52, and reach the summit before the cable car take up first tourists. However, we didn`t read hut conditions properly and had issue with the food. On the hut, they are NOT serving any food. From the alps, we are used to have some soup in the hut, tee or anything you want. But in Refugio Altavista you can buy some junk food in wending machine. You have one for cold drinks, hot drinks and last one is for junk food. Everything is 3 €. Guy from the hut can change your money. In the kitchen is kettle, microwave and dishes. However, this is useless if you do not bring anything. In the hut is really cold, heating is barely working only in kitchen. Rooms are cold. It is good to bring your own sleeping bag.

Around 5:30 we are waking up. During the night, we could here strong wind outside. We try to get ready for the hike as fast as we could. But current weather forecast in the hall changed our plans. Wind on the summit was extremely strong – around 140 kph / 90 mph. Everyone was waiting, if any group decide to go up. Four people decided to go up. As soon as I get out of the hut and after few steps strong wing pushes me back. We are going back to hut and waiting for a while to see if it gets a bit better. Hut guy told us it is not good to go up. We wanted to go up a lot, but safety first. After waiting for hour or two, we decided to descent. Maybe we will come back. Anyway, we have to descent and tomorrow catch flight to Malaga.

We descent same way to the crossroad. Hiking to Montana Blanca is not good idea, because of the wind. Without stopping we continued descend. It was not an easy hike, because rocks were running to the valley. Wind was playing with us and we had face full of the dust. shortly after 9:00 we have reached regular road. To the parking place it was around one hour walk. We have come to the car tired a bit and without the summit, but full of great experience.

As regeneration, we have book hotel room in Los Abrigos village and went for short walk on the beach, swim in Atlantic Ocean (for me it was too cold). Next day early morning we had to catch flight to Malaga. It was a bit stressful cause we come to airport bit late. Lady on the airport was asking who is flying to “Malala”, but we didn`t understand it is Malaga. Luckily, we have made it and catch our flight.

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