Spain highest mountains – Caminito del Rey

Have you heard about most dangerous hiking path in the world? It is situated near Malaga, Spain above El Chorro canyon. The path is 7,7 km / 4,7 miles long. It was built in 1901 – 1905 as connecting road between two hydroelectric power plants. Nowadays it is hiking path for tourist. After reconstructions in 2015 it is not most dangerous hiking path anymore.

Let’s begin from the start. Morning May 11th we are waking up in Tarifa. Weather is not really good. It is cold and it seems it will rain soon. We are going for a small walk thru most southern point of Europe. We have been to most northern point few months ago. For the breakfast, we are going to small local pub. There are only regular guests, bar tender who barely speaks English and us. This place is great to enjoy atmosphere of the Spain.

As a good geocachers we had to find some geocache in Tarifa as well. One is placed near ruins of Castillo de Santa Catallina, which is situated at strategic place between Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. We did not have whole day for Tarifa, so in the afternoon we hit towards Gaucin.

According to ur plan, we wanted to climb couple of via ferratas around Gaucin. However, weather changed our plans. Besides that, it was almost impossible to find the path leading to climbing routes. One sign says we have to go left other one says we had to go right. We have spent lots of time trying to find it. Then it starts raining. In small restaurant, we were hiding from the rain. Nobody was speaking English in there. We have order chicken soup. Unfortunately, it was not as we know it from home. Spain version contains egg and mint. It was small surprise for us. It was not bad, but next time we will order pizza 🙂

We did not climb any via ferrata at the end, because of the weather. On the other side, we have enjoyed small Spain villages. All the houses are white, build very next to each other. Narrow streets are mainly one way. Driving in them with the car is interesting, sometimes it can be adrenaline sport. In the evening, we have moved closer to Caminito del Rey. In El Burgo city, we have spent night in lovely hotel La Casa Grande for 25 € per person per night.

Next morning, we are going to Ardales city, where is entry point to Caminito del Rey. There are more options of course. Either you will use their bus, or you can park your car close to entrance. Then you will go thru small tunnel. To reach entrance you have to walk for 1,5 hours. We were lucky and could by ticket in the entrance. Ticket cost 10 € and bus back to the parking is 1,5 € extra. Keep in mind, that you cannot lose your ticket, you will need it for the bus. I throw ticket away and had to pay for the bus again. In high season, you may need to buy tickets couple days, weeks or even months before. This is one of the most visited place in Spain.

Before they let you in you have to listen some safety information, were protective helmet and then start walking. We already know from internet pictures that it is not anymore adrenaline adventure. Now it is lovely walk, with great views. If they will work on the path bit more, it will accessible even for the wheelchairs. View down to the canyon is still great. Whole hike is combination of walking on wooden bridge over the canyon and hike in small forest.

Again, we had to wait under the tree for couple of minutes, because of the rain. Walk whole Caminito del Rey took about 2,5 hours. in El Chorro we have to wait for the bus, which will take us back to Ardales. Here we are going for small walk around lake Embalse del Conde de Guadalhorce with some nice views.

In next days, we want to reach Mulhacen summit – highest point of continental Spain. Therefore, we have to drive to Trevelez camping, which is our starting point. Night in small hut in camping cost 15 €/person/night. In case we will need it, we have bought map of Sierra Nevada. Camping is approximately in altitude of 1 500 meters above see. Road which leads to it is magnificent. Comparing to Trollstigen, which is one of the most famous road in Norway, this one is just one of milions in Spain. From my point of view is much more interesting than one in the Norway.

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