Spain highest mountains – Nerja cave and Malaga

First day in Alcaucin is literally relaxing. One of my leg is greatly burned from the sun and I do not want to spend time on the sun. We have spent on the sun as less time as possible, basically we just walked thru narrow street of the village. After good walk, it is time for great lunch and sangria.

Next morning, we have decided to continue discovering beauty of south Spain. My girlfriend found Nerja cave. We have decided to visit it. I personally do like caves and on top of that underground is no sun. Great win situation. Ordering tickets via internet is easy task. At 11:00 we will be entering the cave.

Shortly after 10:00 am we are parking few meters from cave. I still have a time to find nearby geocache and invite my girlfriend for drink. Do not order sangria in restaurant near cave entrance.

Before they let us enter Nerja cave, we have to watch film from its history. Nowadays they are doing regularly classical music concerts. Even from the movie I can tell that cave is huge. It was a good decision to spent 10 €. Besides regular vertical stalagmite you will see couple on strange oriented. Those are ones who fall down during earthquake long time ago. Some of the rooms of the cave are really huge. Whole tour including movie takes about 1 hour.

Our next stop is Malaga city. None of us is city fan, but we take it as a must. Walk thru old city center narrow streets is nice. Finally, we have time to buy some souvenirs for family. Malaga is a nice city, but I like Granada more. Don`t ask me why, I don`t know. It is just some feeling or something.

During the vacation, we have found out it is good to book hotel few hours before we will get to check in. On booking you can find big discounts up to 50%. This time we will book 3-star hotel for two nights for 40 € per night.

After checking in hotel, which is in the middle of nowhere, we realized it is time for dinner. Eating in hotel somehow is not for us. We are going to closest village to find some Spanish pub and taste local food. However, there are two small issue. We do not have a cash and can pay only by cards. None of us talks Spanish, so we are looking for the pub, where staff speaks English a bit. In Granada, we have order without knowing what it is and it turns out as a bad idea :).

At fourth or fifth place, we got lucky. It is 7:00 pm, however kitchen works from 8:00 pm. At least we have time for beer and can wait for chef. It is 8:15 when waiter ask what we want for dinner. In next 20 minutes, we finally can eat.

We are back to hotel and I can enjoy pool finally. I really wanted this since we got to Malaga. Thankfully pool with water where I can enter without getting frozen.

In last day of our vacation is no time to do something extraordinary. Plan is to go play mini golf in the morning and in the afternoon, we will spend some time at pool with glass of sangria in our hands. In the evening, we are packing all stuffs. Tomorrow morning, we need to go to airport bit earlier to avoid stress.

This time we are at the airport too early. Airport stuff opens checking about 30 minutes later than they should. After two weeks in Spain we got used to it. Locals have plenty of time and everything can wait. First flight is from Malaga to Dusseldorf and then we hate to catch plane to Vienna. After whole day travelling I am glad that to Bratislava it is bit more than 30 minutes.

South of Spain as travel destination I can strongly recommend. Not only because Costa del Sol, but also for mountains, lovely hikes, via ferratas and much more. For sure do not go there in the middle of the summer. Weather will be really hot and hiking in this kind of the conditions will be demanding. Both of us enjoyed this trip very much. We are bit sad, because of the strong wind we didn`t reach Teide summit. Also, due to the rain we didn`t climb any via ferrata. At least we had equipment for via ferrata with us.

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