Spain highest mountains – Pico Veleta

Eleventh day of our vacation we have spent in Granada city. With my boyfriend, we are not city visitors, but Granada was different. It is city full of trees, history … and people. If I have to drive in the city, we are there still stuck there. Cars were driving really close to each other and motorbikes where going between them. Weather was really warm.

From hotel, it was few minutes to city center. It was funny to watch “river” going thru the city. In may it was just small stream. In the city center, you can find orange trees. I don`t know if oranges are edible. We spend some time in tiny streets with lots of souvenir shops. We had to stop in one of the restaurants to take original Spanish tapas. Strongly recommend to order some plate with all different kinds.

Above Granada city is Alhambra castle. To reach walls of the castle we had to walk thru lovely park. Who is interested much more in history then us, should visit this place for sure. Be prepared entrance fee if you want to get in. Not all parts are free of charge.

Another interesting thing what I have noticed in Spain like alcohol. You can drive with alcohol in blood up to 0,5 promille. After a long day on the sun, we went to bar for a soft drink. Waiter bring us Fanta with vodka, without asking 🙂

Next day for us, hikers was much more interesting. We wanted to visit our fourth summit in Spain. Pico Veleta is second highest peak of Siera Nevada mountain range. Originally, we wanted to drive to Pradollano, take cable car close to the summit and hike the rest. Yes, you heard it I mentioned cable car. Usually both of us are against cable cars, but after so many days in mountains we can use one of them.

In Pradollano we got big surprise. Between winter and summer season it is city of ghosts. First we didn`t understood why we are alone in the city. Weather is great for reaching the summit. After a while we have find sign saying that cable car is working in summer months only in July and August. We are here in May.

There is nothing we can do about it. It is time to walk again. None of us really looking forward to the hike, but not going up is no option. We have park our car at Hoya de la Mora parking place at altitude 2 550 m / 8 366 ft. Then we have to ascent about 850 meters. Pico Veleta summit is 3 398 m / 11 148 ft.

From the parking space is road almost to the summit, but it is accessible only for cyclist and cars with permission. We haven`t sit on bike for long time it was better to walk all the way up. Ascent is easy. Do not expect any flowers or green grass during the ascent. There are just rocks and nothing else. On the left side, you can see old observatory Observatorio Mojón del Trigo. After few minutes, you will reach statue Virgen de la Nieves. It is warm day. Thanks for few clouds. It took us more than two hours to reach the summit. On the way, up we had to walk around some of the snow fields. On the way down we just crossed them. Few hikers had crampons and ice axe with them, however it was not necessary to have it. My boyfriend did it in running shoes.

From the top we could see Mulhacen, where we were few days ago. It was a great feeling to see how much we have walked the other day. At the summit, we have spent about 30 minutes and then start descending. Unfortunately, we had to descent the same way as we went up. At least we did it in hour and half.

During the hike we forgot to use sunscreen, which was a big mistake. Therefore, we are going to Alcaucin. We pick up this place because on the cheap hotel and it was on our way to south coast of Spain.

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