Spain highest mountains – total cost

In following post I have tried summarize cost related to our vacation in Spain. I have to say it was not a low cost type of holidays. Our trip was combination of hiking and relax in the city. Next tables should give you overview of our cost during two weeks stay in Tenerife and south Spain.

Rough plan of our trip:

5.5.2017 – 6.5.2017Travelling to Berlin by bus from Bratislava
6.5.2017Flight from Berlin to Tenerife South, by car we go under Teide, then hitch hike to Puerto de la Cruz
7.5.2017Hike to camping Acampada la Tahona
8.5.2017Ascent to Refugio de Altavista hut
9.5.2017Descent to car under Teide and drive to os Abrigos
10.5.2017Flight from Tenerife South to Malagy, driving to Gibraltar, in the evening travell to Tarifa
11.5.2017Gaucin visit, night in El Burgo
12.5.2017Caminito del Rey, night in Trevelez camping
13.5.2017Ascent to Refugio de Poqueira hut
14.5.2017Ascent to Mulhacén and Alcazaba
15.5.2017Descent to Trevelezu, accomodation in La Zubia
17.5.2017Ascent to Pico de Veleta, accomodation in Alcaucíne
19.5.2017Nerja cave, Malaga, accomodation in Ojen
20.5.2017Mini golf in Fuengirola
21.5.2017Flight Malaga – Düsseldorf – Vienna, travell to Bratislava

As we always write posts from our hikes or trip, from the spain you can find series of articles with more details. If you will keep reading, you will find out how much does it costs.

Next table show all costs groupped into three categories – transportation, accomodation, other i.e. entrance tickets.

Bus ticket Bratislava – Berlin29
Flight Berlin – Tenerife South including luggage103,99
Flight Tenerife South – Malaga including luggage45,7
Flight Malaga – Düsseldorf – Vienna including luggage103,99
Car rent in Tenerife (Autoreisen from 6.5. to 10.5.2017)21,98
Car rent in Malaga (Avis from 10.5. to 21.5.2017)86,74
Gas – 4x full tank52,50
Parking in Tarifa5
TOTAL transportation448,90
Hotel Tejuma in Puerto de la Cruz (night)19,5
Refugio de Altavista hut under Teide (night)21
Hotel Apartamentos Isla Tenerife Sur in Los Abrigos (night)20
Hotel Hostal Tarifa in Tarifa (night)22,50
Hotel La Casa Grande del Burgo in El Burgo (night)25
Camping Trevelez (night)15
Chata Refugio de Poqueira hot (night)21
Hotel El Balcon de las Nieves in La Zubia including dinner (night)48,50
Hotel Saray in Granada including breakfast (night)54
Hotel Sierra Tejeda in Alcaucíne (2 nights)55
Hotel Ecohotel Puerto de Ojen in Ojen (2 nights)40,50
TOTAL accomodation costs342
Entrance ticket to Gibraltar – 1 person1
Caminito del Rey – 1 person including bus ticket back11,50
Gas for cooking3,50
Sierra Nevada map – 11 €5,50
Entrance ticket to Nerja cave – 1 person10
Mini golf in Fuengirole including lunch – 1 person14
TOTAL other costs45,50

All summed up it is about 836,40 € for one person for two weeks. Please note that this not include food. Price of the food is similar to any other western Europe country. In mountains we have cooked some easy food. In city we tried local food and did not choose always the cheapest solution.

If you want have your trip to be more low cost, you can save a lot on accomodation. In mountains we have slept in huts or outside in sleeping bags. In the city we have used hotels. Of course you can find in spain a lots of camping places, which dramatically reduce accomodation costs. I wanted to spend more night outside in sleeping bags, but my boyfriend wanted to sleep in more comfort way. However it is not always better to choose camping. If you check accomodation on booking few hours before you will arrive to the hotel, you can get pretty big discounts. At the end price was almost same as for the camping in some situation.

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