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Since two weeks trip to Norway we haven`t posted any article. With my girlfriend, we have been in Alps couple of time, but we have to focus on some other things. Now it is time to start thinking about next holiday. At the beginning of May we wanted to hike in high mountains. However, in the Alps is still a lot of snow, therefore we had to go more south. We have decided to visit highest points of the Spain – Teide, Mulhacen and some other mountains.

Planning wasn`t easy, we had to think a lot. Friday late evening we have get into the bus which took us to Berlin Schonefeld airport. Already in Bratislava I created first issue. I have lost my phone. Losing the phone is one issue, but without GPS we are not going to be able to move around Tenerife island or within a Spain. All necessary data are stored in that phone. Luckily, I just put in in the pocket of big back pack. However, this situation described our vacation pretty much in details. We are going to search something a lot 🙂 We have fly out from Berlin, because it was smarter than waiting for flight from Budapest on Monday or pay expensive flight from Vienna. 8 hours’ drive by bus was for my faster than 5 hours of waiting at the airport or 5 hours flight to Tenerife South airport. Maybe it was because I have slept in the bus like a baby. During Saturday, we have lots of plans.

At Tenerife South airport, we have rented a car. Via AutoRiesen it cost couple of bucks for 4 days. It was the easiest and cheapest way how to store some of the luggage. For two weeks’ vacation, we needed lots of different stuff, which we do not want to carry during the hike to Teide summit. By car we drove under the Teide summit. As you may already know us, we definitely didn`t want to cheat.

We have planned to park car at Ermita de la Nieves. This is the place where 3-day hike will end. First day is from Puerto de la Cruz to the camping place. Day two means hiking to Altavista Refugio under Teide and last day is ascent to summit and descent to parking place. On fourth day, we will fly to Malaga.

However, on Saturday evening we needed to get to Puerto de la Cruz. There is no other way then hitch hiking. From the beginning, we have no luck. Cars going our way are full or small. Two persons with big back pack simply will not fit in. After an hour or so, some local guy stops and he is willing to give us a ride. On the way, he is telling us stories about the island and show us the place where movie “Clash of the Titans” from 1891 was taken. Also, he was surprised that we want to hike to Teide summit from see level. In La Orotova we get of the car in bus station. From here it is about 10 euros to our hostel in Puerto de la Cruz. In 24 hours, we have travelled by bus, plane, car, hitch hike and by taxi.

Sunday morning, we go to breakfast to next hotel, pack our stuff and start walking towards Teide. We want to go to highest point of the Spain, but first two hours we are walking next to beach. For people on the beach we are couple of strangers. Just try to imagine two persons walking on the beach in hiking shoes and fully equipped back pack. Even sleeping pad is attached to my back pack. Later we hike next to the ocean on the cliffs. For me it is very special moment, because I haven`t done this before. In next three days, we want to climb more than 3 700 m / 12 000 ft.

Right before San Vincente village we start to ascent more seriously. It is more than 30 degrees Celsia. Combination of hot weather, and heavy back pack give us a bit hard time. In Los Realejos it is time to take a break. We are trying to find some store to by groceries, but on Sunday is everything closed. With couple of stuff in back pack, we will not be able to make it to the summit. We stop in small restaurant to have a lunch and on the way, we have gas station, where we will buy something.

Hiking in the village has one advantage. Finding shade is easy task. After the village, we cross main road couple time and are already in a wild. Before we will be lost touch with civilization, we stop in gas station where we buy something to eat and water.

As far as I know, in camping there is nothing. Not even drinkable water. Few steps from gas station we are walking into the woods. Finally, we can start hiking! Finally, we can get lost in the woods as well! Shade of trees and “coolness” is very fine. Ascent is easy, so I really enjoy the hike. After hour or so we are getting to view point Mirador de la Corona. For the first time, we can see how high we are. Actually, I am surprised how high we are.

Thanks to the geocaching I know exactly what we have already done, and what we can expect in next couple hours. We will walk next to the fields and then in woods for a while. In two hours, we should be in camping, where we will spend the night.

Above the fields we are getting to the pine trees forest. For me it is a clear sign, we are getting close to the camping place. Last small hill we have get on and few minutes around the mountain and we should be in a camp.

Acampada La Tahoma camping is situated in pine forest in altitude around 1 100 m at the border of Teide national park. Camping is for free, but you need to have a permit. I don`t know if anyone checks permits, but it is for free so why to take the risk?

There is a running water, but sign says it is not for drinking. However, we do not have enough water for tomorrow. I will drink this water. My girlfriend will drink only water, which we have bought early today. In worst case I will be only one sick.

Whole hikes took about 7,5 hours. We hiked about 17 km and ascent approximately 1 300 m. I am really loved the hike. Especially part on the cliffs above the ocean. I am bit afraid of tomorrow. We need to ascent more than 2 200 m in altitude. Without a shade in super-hot day, it is not going to be fun.

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