Spian highest mountains – Gibraltar hike

Morning on Tenerife south airport was really quick one. We made it to the plane to Malaga. Next couple of days will be easy one. Later we go to Sierra Nevada mountains to reach highest summit of continental Spain. For now, we want to travel in south of the Spain and climb few via ferrata.

At Malaga airport, we are renting car again. This time it is from Avis. I have the feeling that I am waiting here for hours. Once I get to lady at desk, I know why it took so long. Instead of doing it quick, she wants to sell me much more expensive car, insurance, GPS and maybe a kidney :). This is the reason of slow service.

As soon as we put two big back packs to small Fiat 500 we get into the car and are ready to leave airport parking. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this series, we need to find car keys. For sure I have them somewhere, because we could get into the car, but I cannot find them and start the car. Now we have to take all the stuff from the car and search for the keys. It is a lot of fun. After a couple minutes, we have them. They were at passenger seat. So let’s pack everything back and lets hit the road.

I have been in south Spain few years ago, when I travelled around Europe with my car. To the Algeciras are two highways. Slower one is for free on the faster one it is necessary to pay toll. We have plenty of time.

On the way to Gibraltar my girlfriend some restaurant on the beach. It is time to have a good lunch. After couple of days in mountains it is good to have a lovely lunch. We are sitting on the deck, few steps from see. We need this kind of relax after 3 days hiking.

Lunch was great and it is time to move to Gibraltar. It is small piece of land in south of Spain, which belongs to United Kingdom. Once I get off the highway I realize there is enormous number of roundabout. They simply love them. For someone from central Europe it is bit confusing. Three lanes going into roundabout, but inside are only two lanes. Somehow everyone makes it without any problems. Crossing the border makes me feel bit nostalgic. First stop is on big concrete beach, where we can look at huge ships travelling around all the seas. There is lots of huge boats with containers or tankers.

Then we are moving to Europe point. From this place, we can see Africa. I have feeling that I can swim to another continent. With my girlfriend, we love mountains, so we rather go to hill above us. From the past I know, that we can go almost to the top by car. On the way, we could see couple of aggressive monkeys.

We are driving around Gibraltar for a while trying to find a correct way. In one way streets, it is not a fun. But finally we have find proper road, which will take us all the way up. However, one security guy has totally different opinion. We can go up without a car. Our rest day come to the end.

Parking place is on the other side of the tunnel, where are drivers must horn before they get into the tunnel. We need to walk back via same tunnel and then ascent to the top. We have to pay just one 1 €. It is cheap because we will not make it to any of the attractions on time.

We are following the road. From time to time some taxi pass us full of tourist. It is great business plan. Besides us, couple of other people decided to walk up. Luckily not everyone is lazy to walk. Lucka, wants to see the monkeys and then we will try to get to the top of the Gibraltar. To the monkeys we have to descend a bit.

Our next stop is next to couple of monkeys to take couple of pictures. Later during ascent to the top we will see much more of those aggressive creatures. This small group is located near Charles V wall and small water reservoir. Next to Charles wall are steps, which goes almost to the up station of the cable car.

As soon as we get into the steps, there is sign warning visitor, to be careful. Monkeys are not afraid of people and can be aggressive. One monkey gets on head of one girl a start pulling her hair. This moment scares my girlfriend a bit, so she wants to stay further from them.

On the stairs is sitting one monkey. As we are getting closer, he spots us. He is not going anywhere. I am trying to walk around him, but hi suddenly start to scaring me. Probably he wants to keep his territory. As I am much bigger, at least this time, monkey run away and Lucka could follow me safely.

Few meters above was probably the boss of local monkey gang. Smaller monkey was looking for fleas in his fur. We could pass them without any issue. They did not care about us at all.

Biggest monkey session was at the top of the stairs. Group of monkeys had some monkey toy. They were fighting for it almost to the death. Jumping from one car to another one as fast as they could. Behaving aggressive to each other and also to the visitors. Then we have walked to cable car end station. I am sure, that it is not running anymore. However, we did not make it to the highest point, because of some kind of reconstruction.

We are descending almost the same way. I am trying to find at least one geocache, so I have green mark also from this part of the Europe. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything. We have to drive thru Gibraltar streets to the next geocache. Finally, we found one, and we can go back to Spain and to Tarifa.

In Tarifa, we have booked hotel, were we will keep all our stuff and going to see old city center. Hopefully this is great place, where we can have a dinner. In small lovely restaurant, we are having salmon tartare. It was excellent choice. I love Spanish culture. Every time they bring to the table something small, so you are not starving while you are waiting for the food. Homemade olives give totally new meaning to the word delicious.

After dinner, it is time for a small walk thru old town. Rest day in our way means walking for the half of the day up and down. However, it was worth it. I am wondering how we will find via ferrata tomorrow. Maybe because of the weather we will not climb any of them.

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