Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg

As you may know, me and my friends have made trip to Totes Gebirge with ascent to Grosser Priel. During the second day we have climbed Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg which is close to Welser Hutte hut. According bergsteigen.com it is difficulty C. Sign at the beginning of via ferrata route says C/D. My opinion is that difficulty C suits this route better. Most of it, is hiking path in exposed terrain.

To reach starting point of Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg from Welser Hutte hut, you need to follow hiking path and then turn right to reach rocks. It takes about 30 minutes all together. At the starting point there is a lot of space to get in climbing gear.

Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg beginning is nice and easy. It is almost like going up by ladder. You can easily find lots of spots to put your feet. After short warm up, there is hiking part with grass, where you can relax or let faster climbers to pass you safely.

Second part is copy of the first one. By copy I mean real copy. Easy climbing which ends after a few meters of climbing. I expected something more challenging, however I enjoy Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg a lot. Main reason are the views which offers.

Next few parts are easy and short. Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg will quickly bring you to Almater kopfl (2 204 m / 7 203 ft). From this point you have a superb view on remaining part of the route. Most of it is hiking path on the edge with rope. Safety rope is important, cause you could fall easily to your left or right.

In last part is Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg really nice. There are no technical or physical demanding parts. It is climbing difficulty 1, and rope is there only for your safety. You can stop climbing anywhere and enjoy amazing views which are offered by this route.

Tassilo via ferrata to Schermberg is more about enjoying view than climbing. For people who are looking for climbing challenge this is not a good route. But if you are looking for nice and easy via ferrata, this one was build for you. It offers amazing views to the deep valleys, Welser Hutte hut or Grosser Priel – Totes Gebirge highest point. I can recommend this route also to the people with heavy backpack.

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