Tatabanya via ferrata

Weather forecast for last May Sunday was not good for Austria. Therefore I had to create some plan. I was planing to go biking or try Tatabanya via ferrata. Everything was depending on the people, if I found someone who will go with me to visit via ferrata in Tatabanya. Luckily I know a lot of people who loves hiking or climbing. Finally it was three people including me, who agreed to go to Tatabanya via ferrata during sunday morning.

Shortly after noon we have managed to get in car and hit the road. From Bratislava it is about 2 hours drive to get to the parking place near Tatabanya via ferrata (GPS of parking N 47 35.291 E 18 24.547). What is really nice about those climbing routes, before you start climbing you need to descent to the start of each route. Before you start climbing you should take your time and visit Turul monument which is a big symbol of Hungarian history. From the monument you need to follow the stairs going down. The signs are good all the way, so for sure you will find the correct path.

Tatabanya via ferrata – Hét vezér and öt vezér

According Tatabanya via ferrata map near parking place those are two different routes. From my point of view it is one route with two different parts. Each part has it own names. First part called het vezér is difficulty D, and it is really short. According map you will climb 10 meters in height and 40 meters in distance. Second part of route is 260 meters long and you will climb 80 meters in height. Difficulty of this route is bit easier – C. In both via ferratas there are no difficult parts, maybe at the beginning. What makes probably lots of people happy, none of those routes is in real heights. You are climbing in maximum 10 meters above the ground. Really good for people who are scared of heights. During this path you will find few cable stayed bridges which makes this route much more interesting. Besides that you will have few good viewpoints on Tatabanya city. It takes about 75 minutes to descent from Turul monument to beginning of via ferrata and climb it.

Tatabanya via ferrata – Turul

Turul is the second ferrata we have tried. Start of route is directly under the Turul monument. You don’t even need to go all the way down. In half of the stairs down, you need to take turn left. I am sure you will not miss it, path to the via ferrata is marked well. At the beginning of Turul you can choose from two different path. You can go with easier one or take the harder one – with small overhang. After few meters both routes merge to one. Of course we took the harder one. For the overhang you need to use lots of strength in your arms, there is almost no way to use your legs. Next part is long climbing in horizontal way with small overhang. Route ends with nice cable stayed bridge. At the end of the bridge, you need to go arround the tree, which is fun. To sum up Turul is 100 long and 40 meters height.

Tatabanya via ferrata – Kata

From my point of view, there is not much to write about the Kata. It is most difficult in Tatabanya via ferrata park. To be honest I did not find the way how to even start. Start of the route is about 1,5 meter about the ground. Smaller people like me have difficulty to secure them self with via ferrata set in the route. Simply it is too high. One of my friends climbed the route, and he confirm it is really difficult. To climb Kata you need to have really strong arms.

Hope this article was helpful for some of you. Are you going to visit Tatabanya via ferrata?

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