To Banikov via Rohacske lakes

After recent visit of West Tatras, when we went thru Ostry Rohac and Placlive, we are back. This weekend we plan to do much more. To be more specific we plan to go to Rohacske lakes and finish ridge from Smutne saddle thru Banikov and Brestova till parking place.

As always if you plan something, it will be probably bit different. Saturday morning we were lazy to get off the bed. I mean lazy as much as human being can be. It took us very long time to get up, pack all stuff and leave the room. Original plan was to finish the ridge and leave Rohacske lakes for Sunday. However we are parking the car in Zverovka around 9:00 am. So we are going only to the lakes.

There is plenty of people walking on the road. We stop at first possible place, where we are having breakfast and enjoy beauty around. I can clearly see Banikov, but we will go there other time. Hiking path around Rohacsky waterfall is full of hikers of all age. It is nice to see that also older people are willing to go the mountains. I really like that parents take really small kids with them and teach them how to love nature. One of the family is near the turn to Rohacsky waterfall and wife is asking her husband if this is it. He is not sure, so I am telling her, that they need to walk couple more minutes to reach the waterfall. She is obviously glad, cause small water stream is not what is she expecting.

At the crossroad of blue and yellow hiking path we are having a short break. We do not want to spend a lot of time here. Place is overcrowded by hikers, and there is no place to sit down. Better is continue to Rohacske lakes. Banikov is directly above our heads. I am keep telling to my girlfriend that hiking path over there is really beautiful. I have done it couple time, despite last years I am mainly going to Alps.

Ascent to Rohacske lakes is relatively quick, I am surprised how fast we get there, it took us about 20 minutes – just my feeling :). From the past I remember this ascent much longer and harder. Around lakes is plenty of people. Basically it is same as on hiking paths. We are going around the lakes almost without stop. In one place is lot of mud and we have to find our way thru it. I am trying to do my best, but I failed. Left foot is all covered by mud. My shoes are totally dirty till the top. Lucka is laughing as hard as she can and I am thinking what to do. Few steps further is small stream from one lake to another. This helps to clean my shoes a bit. Rest will get off by itself.

Near lower lake is peace and quite. One guy is feeding ducks. We are sitting at one of the rocks and I am wondering what we will do in second half of the day. Still in not even lunch time and be back from hike at 2:00 pm give us plenty time till the end of the day. I can see on Lucka, that she would love to go up to the ridge above our heads. From early morning I feel somehow strange and not in best mood or shape. Something is wrong.

On the crossroad in Smutna valley I want to go back to Tatlikova hut and order Kofola. Later to go back to the car and have easy afternoon. However my girlfriend wants to go up, to the ridge and Banikov. I have described her the beauty of this hike couple times. As most of the guys, I will do anything to keep my girlfriend happy so we start walking towards Smutne saddle. I hope once we reach it, we will see some dark clouds and instead of hike to Banikov we will descend. First of all I have to win fight in my head. I am surprised how demotivated I am. First steps are bad, but it is getting better and better.

In Smutne saddle we have short break to gain some energy. I feel much better, got into the tempo and my head is not protesting anymore. Something in my head has changed and I am looking forward to go to ridge. I haven`t been there for couple of years. Probably I never went the ridge from this side, somehow I have went every time opposite direction from Banikov to Smutne saddle.

Part towards Tri kopy is easy, from time to time, we have to look for the path. I enjoy the view to all directions. Lucka is happy and I am happy with her. According to number of people in saddle, I expect that most of the people prefer to go down. Finally less people on the hiking path and exposed parts.

In bivouac at small meadow before Banikov we are having longer break and having lunch. It is already after 3:00 pm and we didn`t have a lunch. During the lunch few raindrops hit my head. However I was more surprised by mother hiking on the ridge with two small kids. Both of them were younger than 10 years old and they we heading towards Banikov.

After the break we are going same direction as they did. We can still see them, but at the end they are faster. Shortly before Banikov we lost hiking path. We not the direction but no always following the easiest way. It doesn`t bother us at all. We are alone here and both of us enjoy bit of “climbing”.

At Banikov we met last hiker, who is taking our summit picture. We enjoy the view, peace and silence. After couple of minutes it is time to descent.

To Banikov saddle it is just few minutes. From there serpentine path takes us down, closer to the crossroad, where was lots of people in the morning. Once we can see couple of trees, I know that we are not far from it.

At crossroad we have again short break. In the morning it was overcrowded, now it is just us. Place is quite and peaceful. Both of us has sip of water, something small to get bit of energy for last couple of minutes and especially for the asphalt road.

Part thru woods around Rohacsky waterfall was a quick one. I did not enjoy it at all. Shortly before asphalt route we have seen couple of lovely toadstools

Last part of the hike is full of people. We are only one, who are not going from Tatliakova hut. It is just great that all kind of generations are willing to see beauty of West Tatras. I am sure, that I will bring my kids to the mountains very often.

Last meters I feel my legs. Worst part of the day is descent from old parking place to the new one. It is about 10 meters of altitude, but it is really fun.

As always after each hike, best feeling is to change your socks and pun on running shoes :). Now we have to figure out where we will have dinner. I am glad that Lucka covinced me to go to ridge. It was really beautiful day and both of us enjoy Rohacske lakes and views from the ridge between Smutne saddle and Banikov. I am more than sure that within this year we will come back and finish the ridge from Banikov saddle thru Brestova tu Huty village.

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