Triglav – after long time in mountains again

I always wanted to go Triglav, because it is highest point of Slovenia and Julian Alps. As you may already know I want to climb all high mountains. With my boyfriend, we have checked the weather. There are good conditions so we decided to go.

Friday afternoon after work we have to drive to lake Lago del Predil. Why here? In Italy live nice people and they have no issue with wild camping. Of course, as wild camper you have to leave place nice and clean. Why lake Lago del Predil? It is really close to Slovenia and from the beach you can see great sunrise or sunset.

Saturday starts early in the morning. Before 6 am we are waking up and after a breakfast in beautiful nature we are driving to Krma valley. First part of the ascent is thru woods. Personally, I don`t like hiking in forest. I prefer hiking high in the mountains with great view. Luckily hike in the woods is short and we are up to plateau. Here is a lot of snow. As we are getting higher snow is deeper and deeper.

Hiking path is visible, but I can tell mostly skiers were here. Hiking thru knee timber covered by snow is not a good idea. It is about a lunch time, when we have reached hut Planika Zgornja Krma, which is closed. Winter room is available, but you need to have good sleeping pad and sleeping bag. At least we have enjoyed lovely terrace for a lunch. Easy ascent has changed to really steep one.

Around 1 pm, we finally see place where we are going. First, we thought in a while we will be at Triglavski dom na Kredarici hut. However, we were wrong. We have to hike in deep snow in steep ascent. Snow is really wet and without snowshoes it really tiring. After more than two hours we are at hut.

In April is hut service very limited. You can have warm food, but only few types. We have soup with sausage. Heating was on only in one big room. It is a must to have a warm sleeping bag with you. Blankets are in the rooms, but I am not sure if they are warm enough. Hut member was very nice a give us “VIP” room with “double bed”.

Again, we have to wake up early at 5 am. When I have found out that I am above the clouds I have quickly jump out of my sleeping bag. During the sunrise, it was really amazing. After breakfast, we put only necessary stuff to our back packs and get ready to hike to the summit. Almost immediately we put crampons on a had to use ice axe. Path was totally frozen and steep. Soon via ferrata shows up – mostly covered by snow and ice.

Seeing via ferrata covered by snow and ice, I start thinking about lots of different stuff. We haven`t been on serious hike for a while and now we are going to Triglav? I was a bit mad on my boyfriend, why we have to go here, but once a take a look around I start to enjoy it. As I used to say: “It is about head”. Clean up my thoughts was really helpful.

Hiking thru sharp ridge from Small Triglav to Triglav was very interesting. Clouds still below us were changing and from time to time another mountain show up from them. Before 8 am we have reached summit. Finally, I see on my own Aljazev stolp, which is small bivouac on the summit or Slovenian rocket. On the summit is pretty funny mix of nations. Beside us Slovakians, there is couple of Slovenian guys, few Italians and one Brazilian guy. Local guys help us to identify all peaks around us. So we could add them to our bucket list.

We have enjoyed weather for a while, nature and the view. However, it is time to descent, before the snow starts melting. Our descent follows the ascent path. Of course, it is faster. Some of the places are pretty steep, so we have to use ice axe properly. We had to watch out also people who are going up or passing us on the way down. Some of them simple cannot wait for couple of seconds.

At the hut, we are having small snack and getting ready to descent. Descent to parking space means do go down about 1500 m of altitude thru deep snow. Way down is much easier than going up. Lots of hikers is going up and struggling in the snow.

I am sure I will come back to Triglav. There is lot of ways how to reach the summit. I would love to go up via Triglavska cesta or Bavska cesta. Those routes will be described in some future article. 🙂

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