Via ferrata arena – Klettersteigarena Höhenburg

In next weekend trip with friends we went to highest mountain range in Austria – Hohe Tauern. We wanted to hike to Grosses Wiesbachhorn (3 564 m / 11 693 ft ). Before we could do that, we wanted to spend couple of hours in via ferrata arena Klettersteigarena Höhenburg near the upper Kaprun dam.

As usually we had to get to Kaprun. After parking our car, we walked towards to bus ticket office to ge the tickets for special bus ride, which will take us to upper Kaprun dam. From the dam we plan to walk to Heinrich – Schweiger-Haus hut, where we will spend night. Before ascending about 750 of altitude, we could miss opportunity to climb Klettersteigarena Höhenburg. Anyway we have plenty of time.

Klettersteigarena Höhenburg

As first we climbed route which is totally right, closest to Stausee Mooserboden. Hardest part in whole route is classified as B. For us it was piece of cake. Route is well secured and there is plenty of iron on it. It was more “climbing” ladder the via ferrata route. Anyway it was nice warm up.

As second one we did via ferrata totally on the left. Toughest part is ranked as C/D. This is not going to stop us. Climbing the route was quick and easy. Only thing which slow us down was the amazing view. On one side you could admire upper Kaprun dam called Stausee Mooserboden on other side you had lower dam called Stausee Wasserfallboden. Route itself is easy, I can fully recommend it to less experienced via ferrata climbers. None of the parts is complicated. One part is steep rock dash, your shoes should be able to keep you in there. For your convenience and safety you could find in rock small holes where you could place your foot.

Last part, middle one from Klettersteigarena Höhenbur, I didn’t climb. In the middle of the route is small overhanging part (difficulty E). Martin tried it, but only with Dusan guidance he was able to get thru. He says, that it is not that difficult, just you need to really thing how to get thru. I saved this part for next day, after the descent. However I was lazy next day to climb it so maybe next time.

Next opportunity to climb remaining part will come in next couple of days. I am going for my vacation to Bad Gastein, which is not far. Come back to Kaprun and Klettersteigarena Höhenburg will be easy. It is definitely worth of the visit.

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