Via ferrata Konigsjodler – different view

I will try to write  few words about the perfect day spent how else than the mountains in via ferrata Konigsjodler, so let me inspire yourself.

Let us go to the Austria to the Alps to locality called Hochkoning for a while. There, in the mentioned locality is situated via ferrata Konigsjodler in mountain Berchtesgaden Alps. Our first visit in Alps was at different place called „Nationalpark Gesäuse“ where we did short hike and later we climbed short „via ferrata“ way in rainy weather, before we went at place about which I am going to write.

After we finished at that small via ferrata around lake we have moved at parking place in locality Dienten am Hochkönig. When you reach the right distance and go Dienten am Hochkönig direction, you need not go down to the village where is by the way more hotels as homes, but it is much better to park your car on the hill above the village. After you are on the top in front of village and you see only route going down turn right at parking place near to main route. This is the right place to go on cottage called Erich, original German Erichhütte. In the village down is several parking places from where you may go on Erichhütte but this place is the best in order to not spend unnecessary time to reach the cottage. From here it is only 30 minutes by peaceful walking and cool trail leads there.

If you are lucky and Erichhütte is not fully occupied, you can take the place to sleep, to use all comfort which Erich offers, meet people from abroad as it usually goes to similar lodges and sunset on a clear evening, also shows a view of the highest mountain in Austria – Grossglockner and outside it is also possible refuel drinking water.

It is already morning of next day, weather seems by very good and we feel that we are going to experience adventurous day on via ferrata Konigsjodler:) .

Start of ferrata day was 6 o’clock in the morning. The first part is ascent at foothills of via ferrata Konigsjodler way, which took us one and a half hours although somewhere they write about two hours. But it is about your actual physical condition and it does not make sense to hurry up.

During walking on via ferrata Konigsjodler we may see very nice inversion and valley shrouded in fog, just peaks protrude from white fog, what made a nice scenery, you can imagine. After we reached the foothills of ferrata way we have taken short break to have enough time for our climbing harnesses, later there will not be more time for it.

We are ready to start climbing via ferrata Konigsjodler and the first part on ferrata is difficulty C/D I think, quite consuming for the first moment. After a while you are on main ridge and view of surroundings is quite nice. Here starts climbing lasting several hours by style, up and down. Via ferrata Konigsjodler is not among the technically most difficult path, but what makes it difficult is the path length and the fact, that all the time you are the highest point on main ridge. After some time we are reaching first metal cable bridge which was passed easily and we can continue to the other passages. I do not remember, whether we were at the beginning of the first half or further, but we reached also some places where you are totally on the edge of ridge, very nice and exciting passages. Somewhere later you come to the place called “Flying fox” what is only one metal cable linking two walls. Here you have two options what to do. You can go down by ferrata and on the second side climb up on the level where ends “flying fox” or you can try to go via metal cable by using separate carabiner to be closer to main cable, this is also one of the most exciting place and it is much easier as to climb down then up.

Later about first half end is a place where is possible to leave main round, but using this escape route is good only in case it is really necessary because, it is steep and full of falling rocks, so quite danger. After you pass this point you are continuing in short trek with nice view at ridge where you were recently.

Now you reach a place where start climbing on second half of via ferrata Konigsjodler with D difficulty and it worth to take a break before continuing even only two peaks are before you and you come on the top where is the end of ferrata but still not top of the mountain. After we made some pictures with fantastic overview, we continued at cottage situated on the top, 2960 meters above sea level. Even if the initial glide path is right to the end of ferrata we used as way back normal route at cottage Matrashaus, this route is longer but still more safety as the first one. The way back was about 3-4 hours but you could see all mountain from each sides, and at the end you come to hotel area where is also parking place and bus stop. To return on your parking place you can go by bus , last one leaves 06.45 pm.

As you can see on pictures it was really nice and amazing day on mountains, but the power of yes and to have good climbing on rocks even depends on with whom you are there. I was there with beautiful girl…..

and from that time I love those things more.

Good luck in the mountains.

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