Via ferrata to Mala Mojstrovka

After hike to Jalovec we have planned to go to climb via ferrata to Mala Mojstrovka. Morning in the Tičarjev dom na Vršicu hat was not as we expected. We wanted to go much earlier, but because of some circumstances it was not that quick. In the morning we were cooking, but somehow, we managed to spill it. So, we had to clean up all the mess and cook everything again.

Because of the weather we did not reach Jalovec summit, but Mala Mojstrovka is totally different story. According weather forecast we could expect small rain showers, but by that time we should be on the way down.

Our ascents started in Vršic pass. To the summit it takes about 2,5 hours, including 45 minutes ascent to via ferrata. Route is classified as C. I have to say that in Slovenia via ferrata are marked by exclamation in triangle. Few people did not expect via ferrata on the way up.

Reaching via ferrata is not an issue. First 30 minutes you go to steeper hill. Then it is just a flat walk. I am really wondering how ferrata will look like. Hopefully it will not be hard one, because it is a long time since we have been climbing.

As we reached via ferrata, group of climbers were getting ready to go up. Shortly after us another couple come and another group of three people. Quite a crowd. Now I know, why this route is so popular. It is very nice and easy via ferrata.

“Difficulty C” route is in some parts so easy, that securing yourself to fix route makes you so slow, that you block other people. Those part you can safely pass without securing. Keep in mind – safety first!

Whole time we have enjoyed great views. We could see whole hike from yesterday to Jalovec. I was also surprised that all the people somehow disappeared. Few of them were faster, couple of them slower. Everyone has own speed and could enjoy all the beauty.

We did not spent lot of time on summit. It was windy and we kept in mind rain showers which are coming in the afternoon. We were thinking of going to Velika Mojstrovka, which is next summit, but maybe next time. Better will be descent quickly. Beginning of the descent is not very nice. Then we have reached the ridge and it was much better. Mountains in Slovenia are very nice and interesting, but I do not like scree.

Path following the crest is marked mainly by stoneman. Later we have reached last scree which was extremely steep. Honestly, I did not like it. We were descending carefully and slowly. Some other hikers decided to run down directly. What took us more then 15 minutes, they did it in less than 5. One day I will learn that too. 🙂

Last few meter going thru woods. First rain drops are falling on our heads. We do not care. In few minutes, we are back to parking place. Whole hike took about 5 hours.

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