Way to 13 000 ft dream – Breithorn dream come true

Some of you probably already heard about most easy four thousand peak in Alps. Of course, it is Breithorn (4 164 m / 13 661 ft). First you take cable to Matterhorn glacier paradise (3 883 m / 12 740 ft) and then you just walk remaining distance to the top. Be prepared for lots of hikers in this altitude. Mountain guide brings here a lot of hikers because it is easy glacier walk all the way to summit.

Shortly before 10:30 am we put on all equipment necessary for glacier and start walking towards summit. It is glacier hike, so we are secured by rope of course. However, we have met a lot of people without rope going up. Going up in this altitude is of course slower, so we need to have a short break quite often. Also due to heavy traffic we have to get of the path and let people descent safely. It took us about two hours to the Breithorn summit. Now it seems to be an advantage to start late. Only two couples and us on the summit. Great. All of us enjoy the view, absolute silence and aroma of chees sauce cooked by one of the couples.

On the way down my boyfriend noticed crevasse going thru the path. Rope is always good idea on glacier, even it is not difficult ascent. On our way down, we met couple of people going up. It is unusual to meet hikers going up in the afternoon. It is probably because it is an easy summit of Breithorn.

Under Small Matterhorn is one attraction you don’t want to miss – Glacier palace. By the elevator you will get under the glacier and you can enjoy a lot of statues made of ice. There is also an ice slide, which is fun. Also, there is a lot of signs which will bring you to great view deck. Views are really stunning including couple of huge cranes. Obviously, they are going to build here something new and we will come to check it in couple of years.

Despite the fact Breithorn was not climbed from the bottom without cable car, it is nice peak. One of the best to try your body in high altitude. If you are in Zermatt, it is one of the must hikes.

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