Way to 13 000 ft dream – Matterhorn glacier trail

As a last hike, we have planned one of the most beautiful hikes under Matterhorn. I am sure you have seen pictures of Matterhorn with its reflection in the lake. This is the hike, when you can see lots of those. In brochure we have found hike which is called Matterhorn glacier trail. Thanks to this path we could get closer to our dreamed summit.

In the morning we again used train and cable car. Around 9:00 am we are already at Trockner Steg. We have received at the bottom station of cable car apples with “Matterhorn” on them. From the top station it is to the first lake just few minutes. Beautiful and quiet! Besides three other people, who passed us, we are here alone. Of course, we took like million pictures.

Without rush we have reached Furgggletscher in less than hour. It is glacier on east side of Matterhorn. It is covered by gravel. First impression says this is not a glacier. My boyfriend had to check for geocache here. Weather is simply the best. It is not cold without clouds…. just perfect. Hike is really easy without steep ascents or descents, it is almost flat.

With every step we have moved closer and closer to the path, which leads to the summit. Of course, we did not go up. For me it was an amazing feeling to be on the path, which goes directly to the top.

Cable car is not working, so we have to walk to Schwarzsee lake. On the way down, we saw couple of benches with stunning views on Zermatt. Around 1:00 pm we have been back at the bottom station of cable car. I have noticed sign about Gorner Gorge. On the Internet it looks good, but reality is totally different. More time it takes to get there from Zermat, than walking thru Gorner Gorge. Visiting Gorner Gorge takes about 10 minutes and we had to pay 5 € per person.

As we had plenty of time, we decided to take cog railway Gornergratbahn to Gornergrat summit. It is possible to get off on couple of station and do smaller hikes. On the top is observatory, restaurant and hotel. From top you can see 29 four thousand meters peeks. I have hard time to decide which way I want to look. There is Matterhorn, Breithorne next to him, with Castor and Pollux, over there Dufourspitze and Lyskamm….

Food in restaurant is pretty good and portion are huge. Definitely worth of the money. If you would like to spent night in the hotel, it will cost you about 350 € for two persons per night. Breakfast is included, don’t worry. This is not summit you want to visit and enjoy the silence. This is the summit where you can meet people from all over the world.

When we had enough of Gornergrat, we start hiking towards Riffelsee. Above the Matterhorn is big cloud, which makes it look like volcano. At Riffelsee we did not spend so much time, because we had to catch train back to Zermatt.

In the evening we just pack all our stuff, have a good sleep and in the morning we had to leave this small paradise. If you are looking for a great vacation with lots of hikes, I strongly recomend Zermatt. No matter if you love ski, climbing, hiking and you are kid or adult.

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