Way to 13 000 ft dream – Oberrothorn and Stellisee

Finally, we got lucky and have much better weather conditions. I am sure every hiker has heard about Zermatt. It is lovely village great for relax, hiking and of course offers view to most recognizable summit of the Alps – Matterhorn.

Visiting Zermatt is not really for budget travelers, however if you got lucky and have time to search, you can save a lot of money. After a while searching we have found great accommodation in village Täsch, next to Zermatt, in Hubertusheim apartment. It cost us 370 €/5 nights/2 persons out of a main season. Free parking is huge advantage. Otherwise we had to pay for parking in Matterhorn Terminal Täsch another 13,30 €/day. I have to say, that you cannot go directly to Zermatt by your own car. All the tourist using train. From my point of view, it is best to buy multiple day ticket. Ticket may include all trains, cog railways, cable car. You can use them as you want. This kind of ticket costs 188,70 €/per adult for three days. We wanted to see as much as possible and we did not have enough time to climb everywhere by our self. Without those tickets we could not visit all the places in just couple of days.

First day we had an easy day to Täschalp (2 172 m / 7 126 ft) around Täsch hut. It is an easy hike, with great scenery. You just need to watch you steps because on path is lot of poops from animals. For sure we will be lucky after this hike 🙂 But let’s talk about the more important things. We will do couple of hikes around most beautiful peak in the world – Matterhorn.

Next morning, we are taking train, two cable cars to Rothorn (3 103 / 10 180 ft). There is plenty of people going up with us, skiers, hikers, climbers,”selfiers” … When we are changing cable car, Matterhorn is greatly covered by clouds. However, from Rothorn we can see it clearly. From here we descent couple of meters and are going to ascent to Oberrothorn (3 415 m / 11 204 ft). From the top we had a great view to all around us. Besides Matterhorn I really enjoyed Dufourspitze and Lyskamm, where we wanted to climb last week. All the way to the top are sculptures in shape of eye describing fauna, flora, human and spiritual life.

During descent we have enjoyed weather and views as much as we could. Long while we have spent in Stellisee lake. If you can coexist with lots of “selfiers”, it is great place for rest, grab some food and take great pictures. If you like animals, there are great two-colored goats. For those of you, who like to watch people, you can watch them to take pictures in all kind of position. Do not forget to look at Matterhorn of course.

As I have talked about the food. Basic stuff we bought in shops in Zermatt or Täsch. Prices are bit higher than you are used to, because it is Switzerland. We mainly bought fruit and vegetables and something small for our hikes.

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