Weekend in Italy – Bivacco Luca Vuerich (part 2)

Hopefully you have read first part of weekend in Italy. In case you don’t, please go to Weekend in Italy – Bivacco Luca Vuerich and enjoy the reading.

As you know we have spent great evening in bivouac Lucca Vuerich. After sunset all of us went to bed quickly. Simply because of three reasons – we were tired, there was nothing to do and most importantly everyone wanted to see sunrise after amazing sunset.

Sunday started around 5:30 am. Outside it is still dark, however on the horizon you can clearly see orange colour. That can mean only one thing. Sun will show up soon. Few minutes later great nature performance starts. Surroundings peaks can be recognized. First sunbeams are touching my face, but still is  cold outside. Based on slightly frozen water I can tell during the night was around 0 ˚C ( 32˚F).

Soon I do not care about temperature, amazing nature scenery makes me feel so happy. Views from  Luca Vuerich bivouac are awesome, spectacular, amazing. All people who spent night here are outside, enjoying the view from east to the west, from north to the south for almost 2 hours.

Later I have a quick breakfast, pack all my stuff and get ready for descent from Luca Vuerich bivouac to parking place. During the descent me and Martin will climb Terra Rossa, which should take less than hour and will be nice change during long descent.

We say bye to everyone and start descending from Luca Vuerich bivouac. Approximately hour later we reach place, where descent is more difficult. It is regular via ferrata (I would say difficulty B/C), but descent is always harder than ascent. Via ferrata is splitt into few short via ferratas and by accident we go arround one of them. Simply, we could find it from the top. Soon we have reached saddle and take off via ferrata equipment. For the last time we see mountain goats, which are not shy at all and we can almost touch them.

Now we will follow the path, near the top of the hill, making sure we are not descending too much. On next crossroad, we take right turn and start ascending to Cima di Terra Rossa. For a change it is good to go up instead of going down. Within half an hour, we are standing on the top of Terra Rossa. Because I did my homework back home, we can search for another cache of the trip. It took as a while to find it. Be carefull, there are two caches on the top and one of them is fake.

Few minutes later, we are starting to descent, because we have long journey in front of us. It is not just going to parking place, we need to drive for couple hours to get safely home. Once we reached original path to parking our friends were there. All of us descent together. On the way down it is time to discuss next plans and most amazing moments from the weekend.

After two or three hours later it time for pasta in Rifugio Gazomo di Brazza. Spagethi are not the best in the world, but with scenery around I don’t care :). It is time to have look around, see what we have done in last two days and enjoy last moments of this trip. Now we need to get to the car, which is just 15 minutes walk and start driving home. From parking place I looked up for tha last time to Luca Vuerich Bivouac and I am ready to leave.

Weekend in Italy was one of my best hiking trips in 2014. Hope, that some of hiking trips in 2015 we be as good as this one.

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