Weekend in Italy – Bivacco Luca Vuerich

End of the September 2014 was still warm with good weather condition to take a hike or via ferrata in mountains so I was still looking for some interesting routes. Great opportunity came from Facebook group where I am participating. Decision was made quickly. Me and one of my friends decided to join this trip. Based on the pictures what I have seen, route looks amazing, with great bivouac on the top of the ridge. Weather forecast for the weekend was great.

It is Friday afternoon, after work we are getting into the car and starts our journey to the Sella Nevea, Italy. Shortly after sunset we are parking our car few kilometers above Lago del Predil. Upon arrival we are having quick dinner, put up our tents and set alarm clock. As far as I know, you can camp here with no restriction. I am sure all of you will not leave garbage in your camping place and it will be nice and clear when you leave.

Early in Saturday morning we wake up, pack all our stuff and get ready for todays hike. We need to be carefull during packing, because we need to decide what we are taking with us. Other things we leave in the car. After driving few kilometers we are on the parking place (GPS coordinates: N 46 24.538 E 13 26.282) where we start our ascent.

Our todays goal is to reach bivouac before 16:00, to be sure we will be sleeping in the bed. It is eight in the morning and first few meters we are going up towards the mountains, then turning right to Passo degli Scalini. Hike is planned for 6-7 hours, therefore we take our time and enojying the mountains around. Two hours later it is time to have short break in Passo degli Scalini. From the map I can see that we are going to climb big mountain right infront of us. Before ascent we will go arround bit.

Break is over, all things are packed, it is time to move on. Hike is easy so far and all of us get moving quickly. Hour later we are under the rock, where via ferrata starts. I didn’t find any details about it on the web, but difficulty would be B\C max. Only one person from fourth of us using necessary equipment. Ascent is quick and easy. Ninety minutes later we are on the top of Monte Cregnedul (2 357 m / 7 732 ft ). From top is great view on Sella Nevea ski resort and Italian/Slovenian border. In the east we can clearly see really epic Mangart (2 677 m / 8 783 ft) and Slovenian highest peak Triglav (2 864 m / 9 396 ft) on horizon. However we are not sure which one it is. Of course we search for the cache on Cregnedul :).

From this point it is nice and easy walk on the top of the ridge going up and down. Few small via ferratas are on the way with amazing view to the north or to the south. Somewhere in front of us from time to time we are able to see Jof di Montasio (2 754 m / 9 035 ft). In 3 hours we need to be in bivouac, so we have plenty of time doing lots of pictures, having discussion with hikers we meet on the way. Besides that, two of us are far ahead and hopefully they take bed for me and my friend Martin.

In less than 8 hours we are in the Luca Vuerich bivouac. I am the last person who took the empty bed. First member of the team was here almost two hours before me. Now it is time to open bottle of the vine and enjoy great 360 view. Currently is bivouac full (8 people) and all are outside. With few of them we are having a chat and vine, while waiting for sunset. In the meantime new people are coming and try to find bed, where they can spend night. Before the sunset it is clear eleven hikers will sleep in here.

As soon as sun touches horizon, everyone is outside and you can see how everybody doing pictures, smiling and feeling really happy. In couple of minutes sun is gone and with the head lamps we are getting ready to the bed. Again we need to set up alarm clock to see the sunrise. Plan is to leave bivouac after sunrise and on the way back climb Terra Rossa, which should take both ways hour or so.

Next article will describe sunrise, descent to the parking place with quick run to Terra Rossa. You can read it in article Weekend in Italy – Bivacco Luca Vuerich (part 2).

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