Weekend in Terchova – Stoh ascent

In second half of October me and my girlfriend have spent great weekend in Terchova village – one of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia. It was clear to both of us that we will spend most of the time in mountains. We had to decide where to go. For Saturday we have planned hike from Stefanova village to Poludnovy grun, Stoh summit and back to Stefanova village.

Saturday early morning we are traveling from Bratislava, Slovakia capital, to Stefanova village. Travel takes about two hours so we did have to wake to too early. Immediately after parking we pay parking fee and are ready to hike. It is about 9:30 am and I hope we will manage whole hike during the day light.

Ascent to Chata na Gruni hut is easy and boring. There is nothing to see and only once in a while you are able to see bit of Velky Rozsutec summit. Stoh is definitely highest point of today hike, however Velky Rozsutec will be in a main role as you can see in gallery.

In a hut it is time to have early lunch. Cabbage soup and shot of local drink will help us to hike to Poludnovy Grun. This part of the hike is very steep. Lucka has no idea what she can expect, but I have done this few years ago. It is not fun at all. Now it will be even harder because everything is wet and on the crest is already bit of snow.

At the beginning is ascent nice and easy. Soon we are far from the hut. Slowly path starts to be steeper and steeper. Grass is wet and slippery. Directly on the path is lot of mud. We need to watch our steps. I am glad to decide to go this way not opposite direction. In half of the ascent I see one guy who is descending. Suddenly his feet are above his head. Couple seconds later we can chat. He complains how slippery it is.

We are close to the crest. Grass and knee timber are covered by snow. Some places are more slippery then others. Close to the crest we meet two girls. They want to descent this way. They are doing same hike as we do, but in opposite direction. I suggest them to go to Chleb and use cable car for descent. They can enjoy more of the mountains and cable is for free (down rides).

Because of the clouds we do not have great views from Poludnovy Grun. From time to time we can see something but only for a moment. It is time to descent to Stoh saddle. I hope clouds will be gone soon and we will see Velky Rozsutec, king of Mala Fatra. Stoh summit is visible sometimes.

In Stoh saddle we can see shade of Velky Rozsutec in clouds. As we are going higher and highers and we are closer to Stoh summit, there is less and less clouds. Suddenly all of them are gone and we can enjoy beauty of Velky Rozsutec – king of Mala Fatra.

Few minutes under the Stoh summit we are having a break and enjoy the views. Clouds are mostly gone and it is possible to see all the summits within a crest. Clouds are covering crest behind Maly Krivan.

Break is over and we need to continue. To Stoh it is not far. Ascent is not that steep anymore. We can clearly see summit post. This gives energy to Lucka and she speeds up to the summit. I can not keep up with her.

Stoh summits offers great views to all directions. I can show to Lucka Kubinska Hola and Babia hora on the horizon. Bit other way is West Tatras – Rohace and Velky Choc. We can clearly see Low Tatras and Velka Fatra. Of course we can not miss summits in Mala Fatra crest with Velky Krivan and Snilovske saddle.

We have reached highest point of today hike. Now we need to descend. Next steps will be very easy. Path is not steep and in front of us we have Velky Rozsutec. I believe this is most shooted summit in Mala Fatra and maybe in Slovakia. At the end you can see in gallery.

Descent start to be much more fun in woods. Path changed to mud slippery ring. One of us, who fell down first is buying a drinks. 🙂 Luckily and without a fall we are getting to Medziholie saddle. In whole day we have met less people than are here. All of them are coming from other mountain.

Hike to Stefanova village should be easy, but as first steps show, it wont be. Mud, snow and slippery grass is not fun to walk. One of the guys in front of us falls down. Whole valley knows he has hit his ass.

Path in woods road is easy, but it seems endless to me. Some of the hikers are faster then us. We are passing even slower hikers. Last part on a meadow above Stefanova village will be fun. As far as I remember, because of the stream it was always muddy. In this wet weather it will be ever worse. I am trying to find best way for us.

Our shoes are completely covered by mud, but not me or Lucka fell down. Next to the car we wash our boots in stream. It was a great hike and looking for tomorrow hike to both Maly (small) and Velky (big) Rozstuec.

From the parking space we take to Czech hikers to Terchova. In traditional Slovak restaurant we are having dinner and meeting two girls from the crest. They are happy to listen my advice. Lucka prefers higher mountains, but she liked today hike. I am really happy about that.

Despite the fact, none of us has fallen into the mad, at the hotel we are having a shot. We plan to have bit more drinks, but at the end we are not in the drinking mood. Tomorrow we will have demanding day.

Whole round trip takes about 6 hours we have made it with two long break and easy tempo in about 8 hours. Mala Fatra and especially Terchova surrounding is place where I love to go. Couple years ago I have visited this place almost every month. This time it was come back after couple of years and really great one.

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