Weekend in Terchova – Velky Rozsutec

Sunday morning around 7 am is time to wake up. We have returned keys after the breakfast and we are back to parking space in Stefanova village about hour earlier than yesterday. Today we have a goal to hike to Velky Rozsutec. I am looking forward to all awesome views.

From Stefanova we took yellow path to Podzdiar. It is really easy path, good one for warm up in cold morning. Without hesitation we continue on blue path which brings us to Janosive diery.

For me it is almost like a home. Every person who want to join me in hiking, I have bring them here, to walk thru Janosikove diery. I am glad to be here again. Path really varies, it is not just flat terrain. There are couple of ladders, from time to time some chains. We both, me and my girlfriend, love this kind of hikes, when it is not just easy walk on regular path.

It is not a problem to get thru Janosikove diery. At Pod Tanecninou crossroad I am looking for geocache. In front of us is Maly Rozsutec. Just by looking at it you can say ascent want be meadow path. It is hard to believe that ascent to it takes less than 15 minutes. From Medzirozstuce saddle, you can reach summit of Maly (small) Rozsutec or Velky (big) Rozsutec. We firstly go for small one and then we will go to higher one.

To reach bottom of Maly Rozsutec we need to walk in meadow for a while. Ascent thru woods is short, but warms us up. Here comes rocky and chains part. In couple of minutes we are on the top. We have great view towards bigger brother Velky Rozsutec. It is windy so we are not going to spend here a lot of time. After a while it is time to descent back and start going up towards Velky Rozsutec.

Couple minutes later we are back in Medzirozsutce saddle. Without stopping we keep following red path. At the beginning it is a bit boring. Walking thru the woods without any chance to see something. It changes dramatically in second half. When you are above the woods you have a great view on both brothers. Big one is in from of you and small is behind you. Even the path is more interesting, with couple of rock. At the very last part you can expect chains.

Couple of icy parts give difficult time to less experience hikers. They are not sure about their steps, and descent slower. Because of them we are stuck in “traffic jam”. There is nothing bad about it. We just need to be patient. More import is safety. We wait just couple of minutes and we are ready to go. Second chains, close to the summit, are same. Girl descending from summit is scared to move. Path is very icy and she do not know what to do. Her friends are trying to help her. Couple of guys go around her, rest is waiting until the chains are free.

On the summit is a quite a few people. I am trying to find spot, which is protected from wind in order to eat something. I partially succeeded. We can not see summit cross, but we see Stoh, where we have been yesterday. Behind us is Maly (small) Rozsutec, where we were about 2 hours ago.

Views are similar to one from yesteday. Difference is that yesterday we saw Velky (big) Rozsutec and today we see Stoh and Maly (small) Rozsutec. We do not want to spend a lot of time here. Place is windy and crowded. My girlfriend take couple of pictures and we are ready to descent.

First chains are still full of people. I like, that no one is nervous and everyone is waiting with smile on face. Those magnificent views are for everyone who brings his ass over here. After few minutes it is our turn to descent. On the crossroad we are going right to Medziholie saddle.

Here is chain again. This one is easy because rock is not covered by snow and ice. On the gravel we have to be careful. It is not hard to fall down. Below in front of us is saddle, where we are going. We can clearly see how far it is. There is couple of bit technical parts. As soon as we reach knee timber, we are on easy path.

Medziholie saddle is somewhere behind the trees. It is hard to say how far. Once we have entered the woods it can not be far. Soon I see meadow and ascent to the Stoh summit. I know that in couple of minutes we are down from Velky Rozsutec.

Now we have to descent to Stefanova village. We know this path from yesterday hike. We descent this path in less than 24 hours ago Only one part of the hike is bit difficult. Meadow above Stefanova willage is full of mud. Unfortunately there is no other way.

Today hike took about 8 hours, similar to yesterday one. Maly (small) and Velky (big) Rozsutec in Mala Fatra are worth of visit in any time of the year. For both of us it was a great hike to most beautiful summit in Mala Fatra. With yesterday hike to Stoh it was a great weekend in Terchova village.

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