What is geocaching?

Have you heard word geocaching and you have no idea what does it mean? Then this article will give you answer to this question.

Geocaching is outdoor activity for all people who love being outside. As most of the outdoor activities also geocaching require special equipment, however this equipment most of the people already have. To start playing geocaching you need mobile device, which support GPS (Global Positioning System). Once you have this you can start playing geocahing by registering at Geocaching.com.

After registration you will be able to find information about hidden container called geocache. Each geocache has in its attributes few really important information. Most important are following:

  • Location – is given by GPS latitude and longitude, that is why you need to have device with GPS
  • Size – may vary from something really small to big in which you can fit
  • Difficulty – informs you how well is geocache hidden. Range is from 1 to 5, where 1 is easiest and 5 is hardest.
  • Terrain – how difficult is to get to cache location. Range is from 1 to 5, where 1 is easiest and 5 is hardest. Please note that for geocaches with terrain 3 and above you will probably need some special abilities or equipment like climbing set, diving gear etc
  • Geocache type – there are several types of geocaches. Most important are traditional cache, mystery cache, multi cache, Earth cache and event cache.

Besides those most important information you will find some text, lots of the time with pictures which is called listing. Listing should tell you why is geocache placed on this place, and what you can find or see once you reach the place.

Geocaches types

In geocaching we have several types of geocaches. I will name only the most import of them:

  • Traditional cache is my favourite. You reach your destination according GPS after a while you have cache in your hands and feel happy
  • Mystery cache is for people who love to solve “mysteries”. For the mystery cache you first need to find out final coordinates of the cache. Sometimes it is not an easy work
  • Multi cache means that you need to visit few places know as  geocache stages. On each stage obtain some information, answer question and calculate geocache final location. Multi cache can be solved only in field, however mystery cache is most of the time solved at home.
  • Earth cache is cache without container. I know it sounds strange but it is true. Earth cache always shows you special geological location. You can visit to learn about a unique feature of the Earth. To be able to log Earth Cache you need to answer some educational questions.
  • Event cache is cache without container as well. Event cache is created for special purpose where can meet all local geocachers and talk about geocaching, nice geocaches they have found recently or do some activity together.

What do I do after finding cache?

Open up log book and log your name in it. You should use same name as you used for registration on Geocaching site. After getting home you log your visit on geocaching.com. Most of the time you can find in geocache lots of items. Make sure that you always make fair trade with cache. If you want to take something with you, you can only if you put something else into the cache. Value of the items should be the same.

Hope this short introduction to geocaching was helpful at least for few people. If you are missing something in the article, feel free to ask. I will do my best to provide proper answer.

Happy caching everyone 🙂

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